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Vitality Stream GmbH is a competence center for health sciences. The company employs people from the fields of performance diagnostics and lifestyle analysis, sports and health sciences, fitness, training, cosmetics and medical foot care under one roof. Through this collaboration, a new approach to health, performance and beauty is covered in solution perfectly fit for you. Targets are defined and goals will be achieving as a long term plan.


Spiroergometry is the perfect method of performance diagnostics to draw conclusions about the interaction of respiration, heart, circulation and many more

My passion is to practice sports and to coach other people. Let my motivation inspire you to new goals.


Your company would like to experience the world's most successful company health program?
Then start with "Small Steps to great Success" now!


We never stop learning. Visit "Schweizer Education" to take your customers or yourself to the next level!


Thanks to many years of experience and dedicated procedures, all pain sites are located and removed.

Bodyhoch3 concentrates fully on your body.
Massage, feet reflex zone and headache therapy are the three main topics.

Vitality Stream's Experience

For more than 8 years Vitality Stream exists in this formation. However, it is more than 50 years of experience in our products and services with customers from all over the world.

  • Years of experience

  • Seminars held over the world

  • Print media

  • Self developed articles


Ready To Elevate Your Health & Lifestyle!

Our Areas of Expertise



Measure yourself to see where you started and understand your progress supported with data. Understanding your current state is the key to success.



We explain how your the body works, recommend what fits best for you and setup a plan. Your success will be hard to slow down.


Lifestyle change

You can't change overnight but with our support will achieve it step by step.


Company seminars

Our most famous "small steps to great success" program has already led to great results all over the world. Large industries implement this program in their health portfolio and we only earn positive feedback for our approach.



Thanks to many years of experience and dedicated procedures, all pain points are located and removed.



Woman or man, aging affects us all. But with good care we can slown down the process and keep a youthful appearance. Do the first step.

Vitality Stream
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