Schweizer Seminare – Small Steps to Great Success

The Small Steps program is a service of Vitality Stream GmbH. Swiss Seminars offers programs for corporate health promotion and management. It is one of five solutions that exist in the portfolio. What is it about? Do you want efficient, healthy and motivated employees?¬†Health at work is becoming increasingly important in our world. Especially since…

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Book your personal rowing pro

Individual Rowing We offer you an unforgettable rowing experience with a rowing pro. The course is especially adapted to you. Whenever you find some time to enjoy the good weather or simply do a relaxing hour on the water, book a rowing pro. If you want you can also use the hour to train and…

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Knowing everything about your POLAR product?

Introduction: For 20 years, I (Steve Hiestand) have been acting in competitive sports resp. fitness, and health training. For 13 years I have been training with a Polar training computer. Until the age of 19, this was seen as unnecessary or simply not encouraged. Overtraining was the result. Since that day, for me, the heart-rate-controlled…

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the lactate seminar by Schweizer Seminare

After many requests and a long vacancy, this autumn “The Lactate Seminars” of Swiss Federal Diploma Gymnastics and Sports Teacher Ueli Schweizer with his business partner professional athlete Steve Hiestand will run under the new seminar label “Schweizer Seminars”. True to the motto: Without health, everything is nothing! The gentlemen Schweizer and Hiestand show how…

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No grilling for obesity?

Good healthy menus is key to losing weight The so-called advanced glycation end products (AGE) are produced by grilling meat. These have been shown to induce insulin resistance as well as prediabetes in adipose tissue. In a controlled, randomized study, the effect of eating grilled meat products was compared with the consumption of steamed /…

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With stress against stress

Know what your stress is and handle it Short-term stress strengthens the immune system, brings the circulation on the go, makes us fit and happy. “Short-term stress, apart from traumatic experiences, almost never has a negative influence on the mind and body,” writes the scientist Urs Willmann. What lasts a long time, however, is dangers…

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New Vitality Stream Website in Alpha State

Hi everyone, Vitality Stream is moving forward and is changing it’s face. The idea is to better integrate our services with online possibilities and streamline our services in more understandable format. Whats new? In the future it will be possible to directly book appointments from our website Our online shop allows you to buy products…

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