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Breath your body fat out!

Ruben Meerman mostly known as The Surfing Scientist is a Scientist, Australian Television Science Presenter and Public Speaker also commonly performing science demonstrations for school kids. The Surfing Scientist frequently appearing on ABC’s children’s television show Rollercoater until it ended in 2010. Ruben is a proud supporter of free education of literacy, numeracy and science for all, he was educated…

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Social Benefits of Adipositic Surgery

Obesity: a chronic ailment with numerous comorbidities In my weekly internet – article research. I read following article: Swiss Medical Weekly Article 1356 – 1357 The topic is around how much obesity surgery optimized the cost efficiency ratio of the obesity disease. I totally see this positive. Surgery, psychological and nutritional preparation as the big success…

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Divorce with silence

Long-term consequences for the children A number of observations from children whose parents divorced had an increased somatic-physical morbidity in their own adult life. However it is probable that the divorce is not the cause but the way in which the divorced parents dealt with each other. 18- to 55-year-old subjects were exposed experimentally to…

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