Divorce with silence

Long-term consequences for the children

A number of observations from children whose parents divorced had an increased somatic-physical morbidity in their own adult life. However it is probable that the divorce is not the cause but the way in which the divorced parents dealt with each other. 18- to 55-year-old subjects were exposed experimentally to a common cold virus. Subjects whose parents had no contact during their childhood (decades ago) or no longer talked to each other had a significantly higher probability. In contrast, subjects whose parents kept contact with each other did not differ in this respect from parents of non-divorced parents [1]. A total (communicative and physical) separation of the parents could thus cause a long-term stress. It was shown many years ago that the disease was significantly increased to a controlled exposure to five different “common cold” viruses [2].

1 Proc Nat Acad Sci. 2017; 114: 6515-20.
2 N Engl J Med., 1991, 325: 606-12.


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Divorce with silence

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