A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle

Imagine a world where everyone is healthy.

Change your lifestyle by knowing where you stand and where you could go through body testing. Vitality Stream helps you. Our goal is your personal progress!

Health determinants

Of course, there are many factors that can affect your health. With some of them we are already Born and others we can influence others. The movement, as well as our diet, are two of these factors which this blog will cover.


It is certainly undisputed that we should move. The question is just how? The primary goal is to be active, this can be done in a lot different ways. Of course, it is important to know and realistically assess your starting point. In order to obtain objective feedback, performance diagnostic tests are a useful tool.


There are two key points why you should have a certain variety in the activity you choose. Firstly, it doesn’t hurt you when something new is happening in your training. Secondly, you make progress and do not stay on the same fitness level.

Having a variation within your training doesn’t mean you can´t do a routine or workout several times. It can even be motivating to work on something for a while and see the improvements. However your body will adapt over time and hence you should change something in your training plan.


Set a goal and then work on it one step after the other. The starting Point can be different depending on your fitness Level. For the one person it may be good to take the stairs instead of the lift, or go for a walk. For others it could be to go running once a week in the morning before work or row on the lake. Then there are people who are already very active and want to move more frequently. No matter where you start, it’s important not to overdo it at the beginning. It helps to get help from experienced people.


We often tend to want to see immediate success. The New Year’s intent to go to fitness three times a week is already overtrown in February. Therefore it is better to make small steps to your ultimate goal, but to stay tuned.


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A healthy lifestyle

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