Knowing everything about your POLAR product?


For 20 years, I (Steve Hiestand) have been acting in competitive sports resp. fitness, and health training. For 13 years I have been training with a Polar training computer. Until the age of 19, this was seen as unnecessary or simply not encouraged. Overtraining was the result. Since that day, for me, the heart-rate-controlled training has become indispensable. Since that day, I’ve been working on self-tracking, from the heartbeat to sleep.

Polar M400 in white

Polar H10 with Soft strap

Your product professional:

You buy a product because your best colleague recommends it. Sounds familiar? I appreciate that very much! However, I find it a pity if many users only use half of all possibilities. Then comes the question: “Why should I buy something like that?” or “Does it have to be so expensive?” That’s why you should sign up for product training. As an athlete, who merely likes to deal with the products, I am the independent expert for your concerns. I’ll show you how to make your product 100% useful.

The focus of the training:

We will deal intensively with the web platform POLAR FLOW. Here we can get everything out of the product. Display settings, individual heart rate areas that you have received from your doctor/coach or personal trainer. You will learn how to be linked with third-party providers (insurance companies, other providers). Just as they want to use their product, so we will work together. All questions are theoretically as well as practically handled. We go through a short outdoor activity, which we evaluate later. That’s why it’s important to have your LAPTOP / SMARTPHONE with you so we can fix the APPS setting.
I am pleased to enrich you with my knowledge, to tell you my tips to make working with your product enjoyable. See you at the 25.August 2018.

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Company History POLAR Electro Oy:
The company was founded in 1977 by Seppo Säynäjäkangas, who was working on a heart rate monitor at the University of Oulu. A conversation with a trainer inspired him during cross-country skiing in 1976. It was about the need to develop a measuring device that can not only be used for inpatient training but worn on the body. Because the heart rate until that time we measured on the finger, there was no freedom of movement due to the wiring. Besides, the measurements were quite slow and inaccurate. After intensive research and development came in 1982, the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor, the pulse watch Sports Tester PE2000 on the market. Since then, the functionality has improved and widened the product range. Polar Electro Oy decided in 1992 to build a new headquarters in Kempele. The main reason for this decision was the proximity to the city of Oulu and its opportunities in research and development.
Today, Polar manufactures products for the end consumer as well as in the B2B sector. These include heart rate monitors (A300, M200, M430, M600 and V800), combined cycling (M460 and V650), fitness and equine exercise equipment, matching sensors (H10, OH1 and Bluetooth Smart) and accessories (wristbands, Charging cable and bicycle mounts). Furthermore, fitness trackers (A370, Loop 2 and Loop Crystal) and a balance under the name “Lifestyle” products. The web application Flow and the Mobile App Beat (Google Play Store and App Store (iOS)) we used for training evaluation, data transfer and social media sharing.
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Knowing everything about your POLAR product?

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