Live healthy and long

If overweight should disappear …

Physical activity and calorie restriction prolong life expectancy and various ageing-related processes. An important mechanism involved in this is the increased autophagy (Swiss Medical Forum, 5/2018), an ordered and regulated process of destruction and elimination in stressed cell organelles and cells.

The key to calorie restriction is intermittent fasting (reducing the number of meals or “meal skipping” and fasting periods between meals).

The study analyzed diabetes type 2 patients. Calorie requirement was calculated by basic and power conversion x 1.5. And finally, the patients ate 2 large meals (breakfast and dinner) instead of 6 small ones.
The result confirmed the autophagy findings, 2 large meals achieve better results.


How far this works for normal weight people has not been verified. However, this confirms my opinion that the intake of the meal should be completed by digestion. Too many snacks reduce success.

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Live healthy and long

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