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Polar Vantage Serie two options

Polar has introduced a new series of sports watches. They are called Vantage M and V. The M is the lifestyle version which can be worn with any leather armband.  It has however a little fewer features than the pro version V. The Vantage V is a watch that sets new standards for everyone which wants to achieve their goals in sport.

Polar Vantage new features

Polar Precision Prime

Polar worked for 15 years in the background to bring a new level of pulse measurement. A lot of watches have included the optical measurement on the wrist. However, with the latest polar watch, there are more sensors to ensure better precision. The technology called precision prime has for the first time also measures in different depths and only if there is contact to your skin. This then influences the battery life which is up to 40 hours for the V and 30 hours for the M version.

Running Power

If you don’t live in the Netherlands where everything is flat then you have experienced the difficulties that goes with training with an exact speed. It is for example more intense to go downhill if it is a steep mountain because you have to stop with every step. This is where the new feature comes in handy. The new algorithm calculates the watts you have to produce. This is calculated from the barometer and GPS data that the watch collects. The watch then knows with the data about your body how intense the training was for your muscles and joints.

Recovery Pro

In order to improve you have to train and also recover. An equilibrium of training load and recovery is essential to get out the maximum out of your training. Polar Vantage V tells you when you need to rest or when you can go to your limit for optimal results. It uses a lot of different metrics and combines them for an advice on how to carry on with your training. You can also upload your training plan and the watch will take your goals into account too.

Polar launch event

Yesterday polar invited some people for an exclusive information afternoon. Nicola Spirig was talking about her training and how important recovery is for a successful training. The nutrition and recovery specialist Jürg Hösli explained the factors of success in training on the base of good nutrition. Franco Marvulli an ex-cycling pro was moderating the afternoon and talked about the new vantage series.

Von Links nach Rechts: Steve Hiestand, Nicola Spirig, Remo Widmer und Franco Marvulli

Foto: Polar Schweiz, #polarvantageV Launch

 More Information on the product

If you are interested in more information on contact Steve Hiestand. An ambassador of polar which is testing the new polar vantage V.

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Polar Vantage Serie

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