Schweizer Seminare – Small Steps to Great Success

The Small Steps program is a service of Vitality Stream GmbH. Swiss Seminars offers programs for corporate health promotion and management. It is one of five solutions that exist in the portfolio.

What is it about?

Do you want efficient, healthy and motivated employees? Health at work is becoming increasingly important in our world. Especially since the world is getting faster and more connected. Based on a report from the Sanatorium Kilchberg, nowadays even construction workers experience difficulties.  In the general understanding depression, insomnia or burnout is often linked to office jobs but this is not true.


What is “Small Steps to Great Success”?

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The program consists of three modules that take place every six months for one day. The schedule of these days is always the same. First, each participant gets an hourly appointment consisting of scientific measurements/tests. This takes place between 8 – 12 in the morning. The time before or after the testing is at the employee’s disposal. At 15 o’clock the group meets for the seminar part. The program lasts until 5 pm. Afterwards, there is a time window for personal questions and talks.


Enjoy international big acceptance

Swiss Seminars offers a worldwide program, which improves the long-term regenerative systems and thus the health sustainably. The program is already running for seven years and got implemented in Asia and Europe. Major corporations such as Infineon Technologies AG (Neubiberg), Dr. Ing. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche AG (Stuttgart), Volkswagen AG (Wolfsburg) have experienced the successful implementation of Small Steps to Great Success. Furthermore MIGROS, UBS, SWISS RE already enjoyed the program.


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What does Vitality Stream GmbH offer the business world in Wädenswil and the region?

Vitalitystream also wants to enable smaller companies to experience the benefits of the program. This is the reason why from June onwards it is possible to book Small Steps to Great Success for a maximum of 15 people.  It is possible to have a seminar in cooperation with more than one company. Everyone benefits, and we take a huge step towards the slogan “Wädenswil Health City”.

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Schweizer Seminare – Small Steps to Great Success

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