Why the working climate is important for the health

Work live balance

We spend most of our lives at work. It is therefore not surprising that a bad working environment continues to occupy us in our private life. A bad mood in the office does not only affect our mood but it also increases the perceived stress.

We all know these days where we just cannot switch of after work.

The working climate affects you

Many CEOs are unaware of the influence that the “working climate” has on their companies. A study by the scientific institute AOK has shown that:

Our mood during the workday can endanger our health.

The survey as carried out in the German state of Baden-Wüttemberg.  The questionnaires showed that people who suffer from a bad working environment were more often ill. In a negative surrounding, 65% of employees experienced physical respectively 67% mental complaints. However, in a positive setting, only 32% were physically and 36% mentally affected. Consequently, CEOs should not take this fact lightly. The health of employees has a significant impact on the company´s success.

More failures and higher costs!

A company is only as healthy as its employees.

Healthy and motivated colleagues not only promote a positive image among customers and partners but also work harder and are more reliable. A bad mood in the office affects not only the physical and mental health of employees but also the number of sick leave. In companies with a badly valued culture, almost one in three employees fell out for more than two weeks last year. According to the AOK in a positive environment, it was only one in six.

Health a private matter?

It is therefore imperative for employers to promote a good corporate culture and not dismiss the health of their employees as a private matter. In many companies, measures are recently taken for workplace health promotion.  A company would do well to invest in its employees as well as in their customers. If you want to be successful, you should not play with the health of your employees.

Because at the end of the day they are the true business card of a company.

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Why the working climate is important for the health

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